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We all do stupid with money….

We all do stupid with money, Below is my stupid.

Since then I’ve learned not to haggle with a car dealer, he’ll go back and “talk to his manager” aka grab a cup of coffee to waste a few minutes, to come back with a lower price or some great incentive. Once a salesmen went to talk to his manager 4 times to eventually come back with an offer a little over what we set our minds on, we turned it down. He was not happy, but thinking back now, we would of put ourselves in debt with a car loan that eventually we’d end up paying way more then the car was worth or what we could ever get back if we sold it.  We buy used cars and if from a dealer, tell them upfront what we want to pay, sometimes they’ve come back with another offer we felt we could take and sometimes we’ve just walked away.  It’s not worth getting in debt over.

Or those time shares. How many free gifts we received for showing up to a presentation and almost being convinced we needed to have one. We still use some of the luggage we received many years ago, but thankfully we never bought the time share.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch! Guard your wallet!

Need help getting out of debt from stupid, I did it, you can too!

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Watch as I discuss with Suzanne from G.R.A.C.E Financial my stupid and what I learned from it.

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